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Name one of only two words in the English language that end in 'gry.'An emotion or a sensation.
When your face blushes, the lining of this organ turns red too.Home cooking satisfies.
He was Charles Lindbergh's first passenger.A 'Model' passenger.
There are more fatal traffic accidents in this month more than any other.Grand birthday month.
This man invented the talking doll.Did the eyes light up too?
This country has the highest number of cats per household.Wo ist meine Katze?
'Gilligan's Island' was inspired by this literary work.TGIF.
There are ten million bricks in this American edifice.A Jessica Lange hang-out?
This country has the oldest unchanged flag in existence.To be or not to be in Europe.
What is the most common last name in Japan?Should Toyota be jealous?
This is the world's warmest sea.Color coded?
What is the only U.S. State that grows coffee?Hot coffee, hot state.
This was the first toy advertised on television.He can wear many hats.
This tradition costs the British citizenry over $85 million per year.God save them.
What is the fastest two-footed animal on earth?Ironic it has to run.
William Bonney had this nickname because of his youthful looks.Better be quick on the draw.
The only U.S. State with one syllable.Remember it from 1898.
This animal can smell a human from 20 miles away.Better have a good getaway sled.
On what day do Americans make the most phone calls?Be a good child.
Along with humans, these animals are the only ones to get sunburned.Babe would know.

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