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Can you name the answers to this word ladder and reveal the hidden movie?

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Clue3-Letter Rung
*What an octopus shoots out*
To irritate or annoy
Noah built a famous one
What pirates say when in agreement
George Clooney movie 'Up in the ___'
Type of tree
Intended to belong to
*Film genre abbrev.*
Joaquin Phoenix movie '___'
Used in sewing; a garment finishing method
West ___ United F.C.
Captain of the Millennium Falcon, ___ Solo
*A male human*
One of the main functions in trigonometry
Chemical element Sn
This occurs when you neither win or lose
*One of the most common words in English*
What you normally hit your first shot off of when golfing
'Have a ___ in one's bonnet?'
To ask and plead for something
Clue3-Letter Rung
The only daughter to Peter and Lois Griffin
To relax in a mindless way
*Either two lower limbs of a human*
To stay behind a desired pace
Scottish for a young boy
The covering of a container
To provide help or support
'Dazed ___ Confused'
*The concluding part*
The Army’s preeminent tactical and technical explosives experts (abbrev)
Type of fish with a mild flavor and a dense, flaky white flesh
A tooth of a gear
'Captain's ___, Stardate 43125.8'
A large, heavy motorcycle
*Type of building located in Canton, Cooperstown, Springfield, Toronto, etc (abbrev)*
Having a high temperature
To strike
An ignorant person with no manners
An alcoholic liquor obtained by distilling grain mash with juniper berries
City name abbrev. for the Twins, Vikings, etc
Clue3-Letter Rung
'Sounds like someone has a case of the ___.' (abbrev)
*Nick Offerman plays this Swanson on Parks and Rec*
'___ Lola ___'
A female member of a religious order
Pregnant, or 'a ___ in the oven'
To prohibit or forbid
Pub, tavern, etc
*What you might say when it's really cold*
To ___ is human; to forgive, divine.
Third largest continent, by population (abbrev.)
The coat of the skin of an animal
Enjoyment; amusement
*'That's not a knife,' - Crocodile ___dee*
Robert Downey Jr. movie '___ Date'
To institute legal proceedings against a person or institution
Jesse Eisenberg movie, 'Now You ___ Me'
*Twisted Sister frontman, ___ Snider*

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