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QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Who does Michael pretend to be to convince the Office prison is not better than Dunder Mifflin?The Convict
How many weeks does Andy say he needs to become Michael's #2 man?The Merger
What city do Michael, Andy, and Oscar for a business trip?Business Trip
Who stars in the Sabre printer video?Sabre
What restaurant do Michael, Jan, and Tim Meadows go to?The Client
Who does Michael want to give the check to after Casino night?Casino Night
What is Michael's 2nd job in this episode?Money
What concert did Michael accidentally smoke weed at?Drug Testing
What program does Dwight use to escape from his troubles?Local Ad
How much does Dunder Mifflin initially offer Michael to buy out his paper company?Broke
What woman does Dwight meet causing him to break a contract with Angela?Happy Hour
Who does Michael fire in this episode?Halloween
What does Michael end up giving for a surprise in this episode?Health Care
QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Dwight begins to wonder if Jim is turning into this?Business School
What office item(s) end up being replaced?Surplus
Who does Kevin dress up as in this episode's beginningKoi Pond
What class does Michael take during this episode?E-mail Surveillance
What actress plays the 'hot girl'?The Hot Girl
What dictator does Jim use to give Dwight speech tipsDwight's Speech
What does Ryan go to jail for?Goodbye, Toby
What company does all 5 golden tickets go to?Golden Ticket
What does Andy puncture trying to do the splits?Niagra
Who does Michael make out the check to after the run?Fun Run
What does Michael replace the trampoline with when he ponders jumping off the building?Safety Training
How much does Phyllis's hug sell for?Crime Aid

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