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Sabin's blitzes
Edgar's Tools
Cyan's Swdtechs
Mog's Dances
3 Statues
8 dragons
Doubles your walking speed 
Protects against Poison 
Allows Weapon to be held with two hands 
Allows for a weapon in each hand 
Evades random enemy encounters 
Name that town
You can't trust anyone here 
Come here to do some bargaining 
You first meet Shadow in this town 
Known for its technology and weapons 
Where you have to buy dried meat for Gau 
This and that
Castle where Cyan is from 
You can learn Life 3 from this esper 
You fight this Octopus multiple times 
Where you fight the Blue Dragon 
The first 3 words of Cele's opera lines 
Leader of the Returners 
Sabin's jealous classmate under Duncan 
This item cures 'imp' status 
Relm's father 
This spell deals exactly 1000 HP of damage 

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