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What color and pattern was the dress Sina was wearing at the 2nd Bluebird show?
What big-titted singer sang in place of Sarah Borges during Amy Blacks first Texas run?
Who gave us a tour of Dealy Plaza?
What creepy greeting did Brett direct at Amy when we picked him up post-Gn'R show?
'It's raw, it's real, it's skin on skin and _______________'
How old was David Christian when he **** that woman in the woods?
What does Jan look like she'd gladly lick off Sam's balls?
What two new words has Brett used often this tour (wrongly)?
What did Amy yell from the crowd in Easton, MD?
Mike and Sam got pitchers of what beer the first time we went to Mike's in Davis Square?
What Alabama singer/songwriter was shredding at Carter's?
Drummer Michael Rhodes is a huge fan of what mononymous artist?
What does the 8 card mean in the drinking game, 'Kings'?
Who is Griffin Selby's favorite guitar player?
What year was Amy Black born?
How many 'Farewell, Johnny D's' did the Amy Black Band play?
What did Michael and Lisa feed Sam in a teacup?
Whose **** does Ryan Black want to taste the least?
What song did Amy Black try to sing on Lego Rockband before quickly giving up?
What folk icon does Sheila Jones closely resemble
Where did Amy Black grow up?
What's Mike's favorite sandwich?
How many black people asked Sam for his pizza?
Where did Sam work his first job?
The Italian restraunteur in New York City was a winning contestant on what television show?
What song did Brett Frey sing/scream in 2015 at the Iron Horse?
What song do Mike & Brett often quote in 'Gotta Serve Somebody'?
Who set fire to Ryan's childhood home?
What song was played live in New Haven, CT and Goshen, IN then never played again?
What alcohol did the original four toast with on our first hotel stay of the 2015 tour?
What kind of car did Jerry and Willy Hampton steal and shoot murder a 3 year-old from?
What creature was loose in Dollywood?
What adjective did Mike Murray create to describe Amy & Ryan at the Mexican restaurant in Nashville?
What is the one advantage of being in a wheelchair?
What is Brett Frey irrationally afraid of?
Name Brett Frey's two impressions.
What sex position were Brett and Sam in when Amy walked in?
What was the name of the City Winery waitress?
What was the name of Bob & Twyla's stupid black chicken?
What song's distinctive opening riff was Julia Meredith teaching Sam as the van was robbed at KDHX?
Where did Brett die?
Mike's favorite YouTube video features a rendition of what hymn?
What did Mike instruct Peyton to introduce Amy as what before we played ShedFest in Palmyra, Virginia
Which sound guy allegedly suffers from anger management issues?
What did Ryan Black refer to Brett's cock as?
According to Amy Black, who sang 'Reap What You Sow'?
What is Amy Black guilty of every single day?
What song will Amy NEVER sing because it makes her uncomfortable?
Who did Sam accidentally lock out of the house in DC?
What is the nick name for the van?
What does Sarah Borges have a tattoo of on her right wrist?
Why did the guy break his leg raking leaves?
What was Gabe Stillman saved in Mike's phone as after he was called in Spring Hill?
What kind of microphone does Amy Black have?
What was wrong with Kyle's hotel burger?
The band's original practice space was formerly used as what?
What pest did Amy's gluttony cause to infiltrate the van?
How much money does Amy lose per vinyl sale?
What pets did Mark & Mo have in Doylestown, PA?
What form of autism does Amy suffer from?
What was the first thing we saw Julia Meredith eat?
Who haunts most venues we've played?
What roller coaster did we go on three times?
What flavor of ice cream did Brett feed Sam against the backdrop of Kramer's '**** rant?'
What was the name of the Southland Ballroom sound guy?
Amy Black has stated she tries to model her stage wardrobe after which famous singer?
What is the opening lyric to the chorus of Angela Perley's song 'Easy'?
What is the name of the band Simon blows in?
What brand of cigarettes do Mike & Sam smoke?
Outside what fast food chain did Amy kill an unarmed black teen with the van?
What does it say on Mike's Navy hat?
Why did Sophie vomit all over the **** floor?
Name two things Amy Black broke while staying with the Frey's
What did Amy Black hold as she sang in the Brownsville sun?
What game did Ryan win $27 in at Handshake Debbie's?
Who did Amy roll in the hay with?
What is Amy's relation to Elvis Presley?
Name both movies Mike Murray has appeared in.
Who rocks the hardest?
What movie did Sam lie about watching with Mike on his iPad for no reason?
How many hours 'due south' is Muscle Shoals from Nashville by car?
What band was John Cryer raving about outside Cafe Nine?
Amy and Ryan Black became vegetarians at the same time, but who initiated the dietary shift
What disease does Tom Jones have?
Name Sam's favorite canned foods in the order he discovered them?
Where did the band first play Connect Four?
What plush children's toy did Brett anally rape in the basement of the doctor's house?
'Have any of you ever heard of a band called _________?'
What is Denis Grabil's daughter's name?
Who is Darren Poindexter's wife?
What is the name of Michael and Lisa's dog?
What color was Spooner's gig shirt?
What Simpsons episodes did the band watch in the van?
What was wrong with Kyle's Pharmacy burger?
What did Brett lick directly out of its container in a public restaurant?
What company's small gift shop sold Sam the only t-shirt he's ever bought on tour?
When did we audition for the Amy Black tour?
What was the name of the African-American motorcycle club at the Maryland liquor store?
What is mama doing in 'Cats in the Kitchen?'
What does Amy hate to see in the audience at her shows?
What does Matt Byron want to be when he grows up?
What is the only game that Day-Shing knows?
According to a 2015 poll, how does St. Louis rank among the most dangerous cities in the world?
Type each word of the '**** slurp' monologue
Tom Ryals famously hooked up with two hot college girls when he was in the military, what country were they from?
Which Sarah Borges song was Ryan Black terrified to play?
How many black people have performed with the Amy Black Band?
Name the 11 year old singer-songwriter who performed a growling rendition of the national anthem
What was the last tour video watched, while The Doors' 'The End' played, before the laptops were stolen?
What is rule #1?
What song did Amy sing at Van & Polly's surprise wedding?
Amy is a self-described vegetarian, yet spent w day in Annapolis eating nothing but what animal?
Name one of Stephen Yell's parents
What restaurant did Dr. Pajaro get 'shitfaced' at after discovering his second wife was cheating on him?
Have you ever been attracted to someone and you knew they were bad for you?
Who did Darren Poindexter tell Mike he needed to 'dick down'?
Michael and Lisa were huge fans of what band?
On what date in history did Ryan Black fully expose himself to a sleeping Julia Meredith?
New Orleans, Nashville, and Memphis make up what legendary geometrical pattern?
What breed of dog is Sam's dog, Timmy?
What did Brett cry out as he was repeatedly raped?
What game was invented by the band on July 3, 2015?
What is the name of Ryan's gay lover?
What two word Melanie Martinez lyric do Sam & Mike often say, much to the confusion of Brett?
What is Julia Meredith's favorite sauce?
What is the name of the officer who responded to our call about the robbery?
Write our names in the order we entered Amy's pizza party on March 31, 2015?
Where does Mike play bar trivia?
What's Julia Meredith's favorite soda?
What is Brett Frey's favorite show?
What building was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assasinated?
What did Simon allegedly tell a stripper to coerce her into whacking him off?
What conversation topic did Remy bring up after meeting Brett, and upon hearing this, cause Mike and Sam to deduct points from him?
Brett Frey repeatedly claims to be good friends with what former child star?
Where's the craziest place Julia Meredith has had sex?
How many times has Sam exposed his cock to Brett?
What song did Brett teach the black man to play in Sam Ash?
Where, in his opinion, was the most shameful place Brett Frey 'cracked stick'?
In what city did Sam and Simon kiss?
What are Ryan's brother and sister's names?
What sitcom was narrated by an adult Kevin Arnold?
Who played the voice of Sandy Cheeks on the hit Nickelodeon show, 'SpongeBob SquarePants?'
What was Amy Black's name according to the Iota Club?
What was on Sugar Meredith's collar?
Mike broke his ankle playing what competitive sport?
Elliott Brewer got what stuck in a DVD case?
What is the greatest feeling in the world?
What was Amy's toughest loss from the St. Louis robbery?
What song did Brett sing as he was violently rolled on the grass by Simon Pajaro?
Who owned the apartment we stayed at in Austin, TX?
Which of Simon Pajaro's instructors is known to 'stank-face his own solo?'
What is Amy's Starbucks order?
How many times did Brett spank Julia Meredith?
What menu style did we encounter while eating in Muscle Shoals?
What song did Julia Meredith drink Honey Jack and shimmy to?
On what date in history did Ryan eat ****?
What did Mike & Sam major in at Berklee?
In 'Cat's in the Kitchen,' what do the cats and dogs symbolically represent?
Where was 'Tour Theme' written?
Who is considered 'the mayor' of The Purple Fiddle?
Who was Glistening Black Man looking to kill?
Who was the drummer during the audition?
'Lily Smith...'
What color was Spooner's pre-gig shirt?
How old was Willy Hampton at the time of his arrest?
Name Handshake Debbie's mysterious young lover.
According to Brett's song lyrics, what does Mike do?
Who did the Amy Black Band drive to St. Louis to meet?
Who changed the van's flat tire?
Who is the host of Nashville's Music City Roots?
What is Sarah Borges' least favorite holiday?
You don't mess with...
What location was depicted on Sam Smith's maroon shirt he bought for $20?
Is Simon Pajaro a loud Cuban?
What cruel act of vandalism was committed in Auburn by an angry Alabama fan?
What is Ryan Black's middle name?
Name all 3 restaurants chronologically where Brett Frey has ordered a steak.
A young Amy Jones was denied a leading role in what classic musical?
Who drew the caricatures of the band in Charlotte, NC?
Who played bass on Dolly Parton's 'Dumb Blonde'
What's Simon's brother's name?
What seafood restaurant sits near FAME Recording Studio?
Name Elijah's rescue bulldog.
What first name did the soundguy and film student share at the Blue Canoe?
What did Watermelon Meg say the band's playing caused her to do?
What does JRHNBR stand for?
What weapon did Twyla Doty use to kill a country rat?
What character did Susan Meredith compare Amy to?
What was Mark Yacavone playing with the last night we stayed at his house?
How much is a PB&J in the Dallas diner where we ate breakfast?
Who drove us to Nashville for the first time?
On the side of what famous road did Mike first run away?
What alcoholic beverage does Amy Black drink on stage every night?
Where did the 'Original 7' play their final show?
What is the name of Amy's electric guitar?
In what city did Julia Meredith take a huge **** before Amy walked in to do her makeup?
It's always disappointing when the hottest milf ever doesn't like...
What is the name of the Selby's younger son?
Where are the ASCAP headquarters?
What church is Amy's family involved with?
Who is the greatest quarterback of all time?
Was Ryan Black wearing a blazer at the audition?
Who did Brett impersonate outside the Avalon?
What two taboo topics have been used to describe themes in 'Woman on Fire'?
What nerve disorder is Sheila Jones showing signs of?
What's Sam's favorite sandwich?
Where did Ryan Black propose to Amy Jones?
What symbol was on the shirt that Simon Pajaro wore most often?
Where was Matt Byron's 1st show with the Amy Black Band?
What brand is Sam's red guitar?
What dish is served backstage at the Iota Club?
What kind of bass did the Hawaiian shirt men think Brett had, despite the headstock clearly displaying the word 'precision?'
What is Amy Black's middle name?
Brett Frey wrote a controversial essay about what Shirley Jackson short story?
What Beatles song did the Amy Black Band perform live?
Brett refuses to date a Latin woman, unless she happens to be one of which two actresses?
Who did Sheila Jones assume Kyshonna was?
What color are Ryan Black's dreamy eyes?
What does Ellen Vatne General closely resemble?
Is accolade a verb?
What does Amy's pussy taste like?
What special ingredient is in 'Brian's Breakfast'?
Write word for word the final stanza of the black cop's rendition of the 'Star-Spangled Banner' (no punctuation)
Where did Simon Pajaro graduate high school?
What is Darren most ashamed of?
What was there a bowl of on Chuck & Connie's porch?
The kind of cute waitress at Packard's had a tattoo of what?
Where did Sam Smith 'celebrate' his 24th birthday?
What did Ryan Black say to the band before he nearly killed them all while running a red light into traffic?
What was Brett Frey wearing during the interviews?
Whose favorite female singer is Amy Black?
Name the discounted food store in Nashville that Brett hates
How many black cocks are in Amy right now?
What was the name of the bar in Charlottesville we went to that Dave Matthews used to bartend at?
Who left the water running?
Where did Simon Pajaro claim to have stashed Mark Bowers' gun?
What is Sam Smith's alliterative alter ego?
What flavor of cheese spread did Brett practically eat
Simon Pajaro's van seat was colloquially referred to as what?
Who did Jerry the driver help take down?
Who has Mike's original piano bench?
What movie did we watch the night of The Purple Fiddle show?
What famous television personality was on the shirt of older Indian child selling waters in Washington, D.C.?
What was the name of the makeup artist at Good Day Dallas?
What was the name of the baby tiger at the Columbus Zoo?
What physical disfigurement would Mike like to have because it would 'give him edge'
What BK sandwich is one of the best meals Mike and Sam ever had?
What is Amy Black?
How much does Julia Meredith get paid per week for food on tour?
What was the most common murder weapon suggested during 'Six Feet Deep?'
Ryan allegedly has a black belt in what form of martial arts?
What is Julia Meredith's favorite meal at Chick-fil-A
How much of the remaining pico de gallo did Amy consume?
What movie did Randy, Brett, Sam, and Amy watch in theaters?
Who did Elizabeth Douglass' handler have a tattoo of?
What kind of sandwich did Sam order at the Blue Canoe?
Who did sound at the Auburn, Alabama show?
Other than singing, what is Amy Black's biggest ambition?
What is Ryan Black's least favorite Amy Black composition?
Why didn't Allen Branstetter perform with us in Birmingham?
Which Swamper does Brett closely resemble?
What topping did Mike order on his pizza at Good Old Stan's?
What word does Amy moan during her vocal exercises?
Why couldn't Sara Morgan attend the Knucklehead's show?
To be compatible with Brett Frey, she must like what two things?
Who got bounced from the Arlington show as Mike played 'Christmastime is Here'?
What percentage of Us As Poets' song did Kyle Frey claim the defendant wrote?
Abbi Butler appeared in a music video for what country music star?
Who has been protesting outside the National Civil Rights Museum for over 20 years?
Who gave us a tour of Studio A in Nashville?
How many ketchup pumps did Darren put on his fries in DC?
Where did Bob Doty grow up?
What is Darren Poindexter's favorite movie?
'You might be chasing...'
What were Kenny's last words to Ryan before the cave-in?
What was the name of the Selby's dog?
'Wait—you've NEVER had a...'
Amy changed the key of 'Reap What You Sow' from G minor to what?
At whose house was the phrase coined 'Roast the Host'?
Tom Ryals had this to say about our Lord and Savior:
What does Randy Frey say when he wants to apologize in a light-hearted manner?
On what date in history did Ryan Black fully expose himself to Laurie's elderly mother?
What is Simon Pajaro's favorite drug?
What school subject was Julia Meredith particularly poor at?
What breed of dog is Mike's dog, Brady?
Name one of two restaurants where we saw Amy Black consume meat? (Fish not included)
Where was the DC family vacationing while we were at their house?
Who was Brett Frey impersonating before getting leveled by Simon Pajaro?
What does Robert Meredith plan on majoring in?
Whose ****-stained briefs did Julia Meredith begrudgingly handle?
Name Natalie 'Nats' (Renée) Sullivan's hipster band.
Who produced 'The Muscle Shoals Sessions'?
What was Davey, the Birmingham soundguy, watching a documentary about during soundcheck?
What church is Tom Ryals part of?
When Simon's saxophone melted, where did he go?
Name Amy's sisters.
Which one of Spooner Oldham's eyes is real?
According to Amy, what does a tuna sub from Subway taste like?
What dish was prepared live on Good Day Dallas before we played?
What band does Sarah Borges hate?

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