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Surgical procedure to open a stenotic valve with an inflatable object.
An IV drug user presents with endocarditis, which organism is most likely causative?
Name for the dissociation of the noisy and musical elements of the ejection murmur of Aortic Stenosis.
Bleeding from GI angiodysplasia in patients with Aortic Stenosis is called?
Name a condition that can cause paradoxical splitting of S2.
A small pulse that rises and falls gradually
Valve replacement procedure in which the patient's own pulmonic valve is used to replace the aortic valve
Patients who have a mechanical valve put in will have to take these forever
Greek word meaning 'cutting short.' Can be a symptom of severe AS
This imaging study is generally preferred for visualizing the heart valves, evaluating for blood clots, and for evaluating aortic dissections
A valve area of less than 0.8 mm2 is considered to be ____ Aortic Stenosis
Which of these gradients across the aortic valve is normal: 5 mmHg or 100 mmHg
This is a type of bleeding disorder associated with Aortic Stenosis but under normal circumstances only occurs as a genetic disorder.
'Senile' Aortic Stenosis usually presents in which decade on a trileaflet valve?
Calcification of a bicuspid aortic valve usually presents in which decade?
In which classification level of AS is valve replacement NOT recommended?
A patient who is symptomatic is considered in which class of AS?
Which drug class has been shown by four studies to slow Aortic Stenosis progression?
A chest X-ray won't help diagnose AS because the associated L. Vent. Hypertrophy is ____
This Florida 'University' is best known for its circus program and its poor academic reputation. Its alumni include the intellectual heavyweights Richard Simmons and Burt Reynolds.

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