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LyricsSong TitleYear
If this town is an apple, then let me take a bite1983
The fire's in their eyes, and their words are really clear1983
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart1983
So she ran under the table, you could see she was unable1988
I believe in miracles, and a miracle has happened tonight 1991
You need some lovin' (TLC) tender lovin' care1983
We all are a part of God's great big family1985
I am a victim of police brutality1996
You're talk is cheap, you're not a man1987
Mother always told me be careful who you love, and be careful what you do 'cuz the lie becomes the truth1983
LyricsSong TitleYear
A summer's disregard, a broken bottle-top, and one man's soul 1988
There's a choice you will make, and this choice you will take 1989
When we fell in love, we were young and innocent then1992
To escape the world i've got to enjoy this simple dance, and it seemed that everything was on my side1997
I never knew, but I was walking the line1991
Hold me like the River Jordan1993
How does it feel, when you're alone and cold inside1997
Am I amusing you, or just confusing you1997
Keep flying untill you are the king of the hill1995
I'm gonna teach you, how to get an 'A'1970

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