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QUIZ: How much do you know about Overwatch?

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Forced Order
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How much damage does Widowmaker do fully charged?
What is Tracer wearing on her chest?
What is the name of Bastion's Bird?
What is D.Va's mech's clip size?
What is the name of the comic that features Roadhog and Junkrat together?
Which map has Winston's armor hanging from the ceiling?
T/F Genji can reflect Zarya's Ult (graviton surge)
What was Overwatch originally titled?
What is Reaper's total clip size?
What words does Roadhog have on his rings on both his hands
How many giant Overwatch figurines were produced?
How many buttons in the main menu of Overwatch?
How much damage does Winston's Jump Jet do?
What is Tracer's full name?
How long will hackers in Overwatch be banned?
T/F: Genji can reflect Soldier: 76's healing ability
What is the cooldown for Roadhog's Hook?
About how many players did the open beta recieve?
What clan are Hanzo and Genji from?
Which Character made it into the game solely based on the art design?
What is the cooldown of Mei's ice wall in seconds?
What is Mercy's full name?
How old is D.Va?
What is Junkrat's full name?
How many playable characters are in Overwatch?
How many Blinks can Tracer have?
Competitive Mode seasons are how long? (months)
Junkrat is from:
T/F: D.Va is streaming whenever she is in a battle.
How old is Reinhardt?

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