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QUIZ: Can you name all of the tracks in the OST of Hyper Light Drifter?

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Plays in areaAnswer
Ending cutscene
Intro Cinematic
Titan theme + underground intro
Pillar theme
Central Town (first half), Dregs (later half)
Trailer 2
Crystal Forest surface (close to town)
Crystal Forest underground
Crystal Forest surface (west of warp)
Crystal Forest surface (near boss)
The Hanged Man (boss fight)
Mountains surface
Mountains underground
Mountains underground (first half), The Hierophant boss fight (later half)
Plays in areaAnswer
Lake surface (near warp and Titan's sword)
Lake underground
Lake underground
Lake surface (north)
Lake underground
The Emperor (boss fight)
Lake surface (near fountain, Lake underground (8 module door)
Barren Hills surface
Barren Hills underground
All Barren Hills boss fights, Sky factory gauntlet (first half), Barren Hills underground (near Titan; later half)
Abyss area
Judgement (boss fight)
Last encounter with The Guardian

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