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Can you name these names or terms involving the word 'center' or its variations?

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UTC-5:00 or UTC-6:00
Copernicus' center of the universe
Hub for railways or subways
One of three main statistical measures of center
Pinup or nude in the middle of a magazine
One of four triangle centers
A circle's distance from its perimeter to its center
The ESPN program with the most episodes on American television
This sport's center is also known as the big man or five
This quiz's use of center instead of centre is
The center of a dartboard
Narcissus was this
The point where a body's weighted position vectors sum to zero
A mall can also be called this
843-acre Manhattan location with over 40 million visitors in 2013
The United States' main foreign intelligence service
Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
An institution that controls a nation's money supply
The leading US public health institute
Former French colony known as Centrafrique
Volcanic adventure written by Jules Verne
Hospital providing care to major injuries like gunshots, falls, or car accidents
Parts of the brain that release dopamine or endorphins
The sole focus of many social interactions
A place that holds activities specifically for the elderly
Center comes from this language's κέντρον meaning point
A place for working parents to leave their children
Target of the 9/11 attacks
A blocking area in a theatrical play or an idiom for the most prominent position
The beloved coffee shop from Friends

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