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I am the leading scorer in the NBA
I was unfortunately killed in a plane crash the year after being traded to the Yankees
I coached the Rookie of the Year in the NBA as a college player for the three years in a row
I was best friends with Chris Webber, being on his college team and NBA team.
I played in the same outfield on the same team as my father. I later signed with my father's former team.
I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be
I was unfortunately killed during the Munich Massacre, and was the Israeli fencing coach
At the 1972 olympics i set the record for most gold medals in swimming, only to be beat by Michael Phelps in 2008
I was drafted by the Trail Blazers in the 1984 NBA draft ahead of Michael Jordan
I made a guest appearance in the first Mighty Ducks movie. I was the first line center for the Dallas Stars
I decided in one of my offseasons to become a successful rapper, but when that didnt work out so well, i turned back to my future hall of fame basketball career
I was on deck when Bobby Thomson hit the shot heard round the world
I am the oldest rookie ever in the MLB
I have the most HRs by any baseball player ever
I was on TV at age 3 for golf
I was a rookie in 2007 and my father was at all my games that year. I was a dominant reliever for the yankees
I made one good start after being signed by the Yankees, and it was against the Red Sox. Now i fail
I pitched a no-hitter while high on acid
I was the second leading scorer in the game the Wilt had 100 points
I rushed for a touchdown at the goal line during the Super Bowl for the Chicago Bears instead of the normal running back, Walter Payton

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