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Can you name the Internet People mention in Dan Meth's song?

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(Shown at beginning) -
It all started with -
and the -
-did his thing
and thelip-synched
- -
-is evil
- -
along came -
-public service cartoons
- -
-like the moon
-sings the Super Bowl is gay
-Answers questions
average homeboy -
-was not alone
there were -
- -
and -
and the rap
- -
- -
-in love
-lost his mind at a comedy club
-the movie
and thelist
we heard a lot of stories from the -
-guy is kissing
-doesn't listen
-on a mission
thetho fell on her face
and the-
thelike it was Cameron Crowe's
there was a -
and my -
- -
and all the -
there were -
- -
and my man -
bride gets pissed and starts -
the President gets dissed by -
-has got the moves
lightning bolts from -
-shopping for some shoes
Oprah zapped by -
White and Nerdy by -
-playing Popozao
- -
embarassed -
- -
-in a fight
the house with all the -
-sings Rocket Man
- -
(Heard during chorus) -
(Heard at end) -

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