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Who is Eric Cartman's father?
Where does Butters' 'girlfriend' Lexus work?
According to President Bush, who caused 9/11?
What is the name of the plastic surgery clinic on South Park's main street?
What street does Kenny live on?
What is Stan and Kyle's favorite song to play along to on Guitar Hero?
What is the nickname Stan has for his nerdy schoolmates Butters, Pip, and Dougie?
What hockey team defeats the Park County pee-wee team coached by Stan at the Pepsi Center in Denver?
What word does Cartman misspell in the spelling bee?
What is the name of the four boys' short-lived boy band?
What is South Park Elementary's mascot briefly changed to, thanks to PETA?
According to Cartman, what type of music can hippies not stand?
What is the name of Mr. Garrison's best-selling romance novel?
What secret weapon helps the boys defeat their online nemesis in World of Warcraft?
What 'ancillary character, one the fans wouldn't miss much' does the serial killer in 'Cartman's Incredible Gift' kill off?
What is Butters' birthday?
What precious possessions did the Goobacks take from the people of South Park, much to their dismay?
What is the name of the pond in South Park where Cartman attempts to kill Kyle with a wiffle bat?
What is the name of Jesus' talk show?
What does Cartman frequently yell at his pet cat?
What is Paris Hilton's new perfume line called?
What do airplane food, beef, and chicken with hot sauce give Kyle's cousin Kyle?
What is Ms. Choksondik's response to Cartman's entreaty to suck his balls?
Who is the biggest douche in the universe?
What is Scott Tenorman's favorite band?
Who are Mr. Garrison's three class assistants, in order?
Where does Kenny desperately want to go with his new girlfriend Tammy?
What is Token's WTF wrestling name?
What is the correct answer to Randy's Wheel of Fortune puzzle?
Which two characters cannot seem to use the word 'serious' correctly?
Where do the boys send the whale Jambu/Willzyx?
To whom does Jimmy lose his virginity?
From what location does Mr. Garrison attempt to shoot Kathie Lee Gifford?
Where did Mayor McDaniels go to college?
What is the name of Timmy's rock band?
What valuable item do Obama, McCain and co. steal from the Smithsonian?
What terrible affliction plagues Cartman throughout the Imaginationland trilogy?
What foods does 'Jennifer Lopez' repeatedly profess her love for?
What video game does Cartman turn Kyle in for in 'Margaritaville?'
How much money does the Loch Ness Monster demand of Chef's parents?
What is Jimmy's favorite Christmas song?
Who kills Jesus in 'Fantastic Easter Special?'
What prestigious award does Faith + 1 win for its one million albums sold?
What do the boys take a picture of to give to the sixth graders in exchange for protection from Trent Boyett?
What is Cartman's 'Super School News' / 'Sexy Action School News' on-air name?
How does Cartman spell the word 'Jew?'
What song does Towelie play on the keypad at the secret government base?
What color is Kenny's hair?
Which student in the boys' fourth grade class gets lice?
Whom does Cartman call a 'little dildo' in his first line in the entire South Park series, Season 1 Episode 1?

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