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Forced Order
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According to Josh, who does the candy found by Tony in the cabin belong to?
What is Simms' only line in the movie?
Which NHL team is Gerry presumably a fan of?
How long has Josh been shaving?
Who is the only Camp Hope player to reach base during the softball game against Camp MVP?
What three-word phrase is on the t-shirt Gerry's friend is wearing at the very beginning?
What is the password to gain access to Tony's makeshift jail cell?
How does Kenny the cameraman tell Tony that he's rolling?
Where and with whom is Josh living after his mysterious disappearance, according to Sam?
Where is Lars from?
What does Tony eat for breakfast (figuratively speaking, of course)?
What is Gerry's dad's name?
To whom does Gerry write letters from camp?
What important life lesson does Roy learn after the campers' wild night of partying and eating?
How long has Pat been at Camp Hope?
What does Phil say when Gerry and the others find him eating a burger in a bathroom stall and ask him where he got it?
What is the answer to the math problem posed by Kenny the cameraman during the Apache Relay?
What nickname is Gerry given by his cabinmates?
What candy is Roy 'packin' in his sock?
What is Josh's response to Roy's information that the new nurse is very attractive?
Who does Lars congratulate on being the fattest boy in camp?
Why does Tony cancel lunch?
Which camper gets kissed at the dance?
Who does Tony erroneously believe may one day be the president of the United States?
Who asserts that he is 'feeling skinny, Tony?'
What level of the Perkis system involves getting a giant ice block broken over your bare abdomen?
To what kind of camp did Gerry's dad NOT send him?
What does Tony Perkis Sr. tell the campers to call him?
What is Pat's last name?
What all-you-can-eat place does Josh patronize and, apparently, close down during his time away from Camp Hope?
Who has broken Lars' camera?
What food does Gerry 'very sneakily' bring into camp with him--for emergencies?
What cabin are Gerry and his friends in?
Who does the Camp MVPer confuse with the Mona Lisa during the Apache Relay?
Who is Josh's 'buddy' in Lars' 'body system?'
Which camper is seemingly always in tears?
How much does Gerry weigh initially, according to his ID card?
What is the first thing Roy says to Gerry?
What is the name of the lecture Tony announces over the PA system?
During what song does Tim jump out onto the dance floor and 'blow a microchip?'
What is the name of Camp Hope's previous owners?
What item does Tony pick up during his jog through the woods?
Who does Pat introduce as 'a camp legend?'
According to Tony, what percentage of Americans forget to stretch before physical activity?
What is the name of the Camp Hope representative who visits Gerry's home, expertly played by Tim Blake Nelson?
Who gets hit with an errant bat at the softball game?
What is the name of the inflatable water trampoline at Camp Hope that Lars sadistically spears?
According to Tony, who must be left to fend for themselves, like he was?
How is 'Little Tony' doing?
Who does Lars have the hots for?

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