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Can you name the Famous Directional Names (contain North,South, East or West)?

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Famous ForPerson/CharacterHint
Princess Bride heroDread Pirate Roberts alter ego
60's Western TV show characterArtemus' partner
English Rugby playerEggsactly!
Tolkien's Middle Earth MenNo Frodo
Dennis the Menace TV showLook out Mr. Wilson!
Superstar TV/Movie tough guyMake my day...
Country rock songwriter for Eagles among othersScrubs fans might know this one
Theron in 300 and Kirk Cuddy in Rock StarGood champagne?
Past PGA golfer with two U.S. Open winsBarney and Goober would have loved him
NBA superstar from the 60'sLand of the Lakers
Named famous energy companyBattled with Thomas Edison and GE
English serial killer duoWilma! Parsley? Sage?
60's TV show with Anne FrancisBee good
Famous ForPerson/CharacterHint
Famous Dutch WW II commanderEveryone loves him
NBA player and coachEvery mother's Sun
Infamous Rob Reiner movie with Elijah WoodNot Meathead's best
One of the best English players on the European golf tourOnly one PGA win so far though
Made Strut and Morning Train big hits in the 80'sA Prince protegee
Gold Digger and Stronger were hugeNot on Taylor Swift's Xmas card list
John Grisham protagonistDon't want him on your Jury
Canadian actress starred in The Salton Sea and John from CincinnatiTake a Chance
Character actor in Wait Until Dark and The Cincinnati KidNot Jill
Broadway and movie actress from 1927-1987She was never raggedy
British actor in The Net and Gosford ParkHe spoke in class today
Actress famous for bawdy double entendresWhy don't you come up and see me some time?

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