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Can you name the Jonny Quest Trivia from the original series?

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Year the series first appeared on TV?Will you still need me? Will you still feed me?
Number of episodes created?Standard number of TV episodes for one year
What was Race Bannon's real nameMiddle initial was T just like Captain Kirk
Actor that voiced Jonny's characterFamous rush chairman
What did Hadji chant to levitate objects?Not abracadabra
Evil genius and Asian villainAppeared more than once in the series
What was the name of the 'Terrible' flying dinosaur?Pterodon not pterodactyl
What was Race's hot girlfriend's name?She was a real gem dandy
What kind of dog was Bandit?Saved Jonny many times but couldn't save Merrill Lynch
Name of the pilot episode?Iguana tell you but I can't
Race was a black belt in what martial art?No karate kid
Who said 'It's a cross between a manticore and a hippocampus!'The only genius on the planet that would know such a thing
Name of the weapon nearly stolen in 'The Robot Spy'Never let a giant robot spider in your home!
Why was the series canceled?Not ratings!
What was the title of the final episode?Lloyd Bridges woulda loved it

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