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Can you guess the trivia about episode 1, Days Gone Bye?

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What was Rick Grimes' occupation before the apocalypse?
Where does season one of The Walking Dead take place?
What is the object that the little girl walker picks up?
Who is/was Rick's best friend?
Who did Rick ask Shane if he stole the vase of flowers from?
What is written on the doors inside the hospital?
What does Duane hit Rick in the face with?
What was Morgan's wife's name?
What convinces Rick that Lori and Carl are still alive?
What does Rick say keeps the showers and lights working at the police station?
What does Rick give Morgan to keep in contact?
What does Rick use to get to Atlanta?
What does Rick take refuge in while on the streets of Atlanta?
Who talks to Rick over the CB at the end of the episode?

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