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Yeah fun game, but the map needs to be kept up to date. Georgia isn't shown, and it's been in the news enough recently!
For a 12 year old Brit to do all 50 in 4 mins 40 is quite gd
should take 'rata' as an acceptable spelling for Ratatouille, just to avoid the spelling. Or better yet, 'That one with the rat'
There should be a bonus: Sarah Palin # 45 (either in 4 or 8 years)
This quiz is clearly not fair for us Brits! Where is 'bollocks' and 'wank?'
I did it with 10.29 to spare. Stick that in your 'sciency pipe' and smoke it =D No joke. I am a lanky, child genius. I didn't have to revise for three days... :P
i cant believe is isnt there
Greenland is also missing.
i got 151 and im only 6 years old and im a extra slow writer and im wrote this comment extra slow
this game was so boring!! way too easy...go ROY G BIV!!!
i can't believe i missed uranus. It's so big!
should be 'dalmations' please?
Why the heck are you only allowed 5 mistakes? This sucks.
is 20 f**ckme or actually ****me?
You should allow postal codes because I typed as fast as I could and only got 33
30 seconds should be enough and rooks or often called castles.
Where is abortion?
lol 20/20 in 19 seconds. Yep... did the whole frat thing
I almost find it hard to believe that at one point New Jersey consisted of boring, aristocratic, British settlers-A big change to what it is today.
what about USA vs. USSR in the cold war

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