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Can you name the four letter words whose second and fourth letters are both O from the hints given?

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a type of stick or a game website
famously extinct flightless bird
Jimmy Page played one in Stairway to Heaven
a magic charm or spell; sex appeal, informally
equestrian or aquatic sport
colloquially known as the 'kissing disease'
slang term for a stupid or foolish person
fictional canine, or Grammy-winning musical group
crazy or insane, taken directly from Spanish
stage name of singer Paul David Hewson
neither good nor bad, of mediocre quality
gathering place for students of Japanese martial arts
name for a clown or former Late Night host
migratory worker or homeless vagabond
Bantu ethnic group; wake up Wham! before you do this
habilis or erectus, for example
something that is forbidden or taboo
company emblem, Red Cross's is pretty self-explanatory
the only nation to fit the category
southern US slang term for the police
chocolate in the shape of a truncated cone
zone where ruling authorities have lost control

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