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Can you name the Historical US Headlines From The Given Dates and Sub-Headlines?

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Apr 19, 1906No Hope Left For Safety Of Any Buildings
Apr 16, 1912Rescuers There Too Late
Jun 19, 1928Fought Rain, Fog, And Snow All The Way
Feb 14, 1929Victims Lined Up In A Row
Oct 25, 1929Deluge Of Panic...
Dec 4, 1933President Proclaims The Nation's New Policy...
Dec 8, 1941Declare War...
May 2, 1945Doenitz ... Says We Fight On
Aug 6, 1945Truman Warns Foe Of A Rain Of Ruin
Nov 3, 1948GOP Sweep Indicated In State
Nov 5, 1957Carrying Dog
Nov 22, 1963Governor Of Texas Wounded
Apr 5, 1968Gunned Down In Memphis
Jul 21, 1969A Powdery Surface Is Closely Examined
May 5, 1970College Chiefs Urge ... Move For Prompt Peace
Jan 23, 1973State Bans Ruled Out Until Last 10 Weeks
Apr 9, 1974Henry Does It
Aug 9, 1974He Urges A Time Of Healing
Aug 17, 1977He Was 42 And Alone
Dec 9, 1980Shot Down Outside New York Apartment
Nov 11, 1989Beginning Of The End...
Jan 17, 1991No Ground Fighting Yet
Sep 12, 2001President Vows To Exact Punishment For Evil
Nov 5, 2008Racial Barrier Falls...

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