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Can you name the before and after answers where the middle term is a letter?

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personalized Apple StoreGerman military submarines
Honda's small crossover SUVAlan Moore comic series
Sacha Baron Cohen alter egoacceleration relative to free-fall
Barack Obama birth stateportable media player
second-choice optionlow-budget film
James Smith rapper nameup-scale department store
anime television seriessunglasses-toting rock trio
Jack Black rock bandNormandy landing nickname
top-notch; cream of the cropbaseballer's nickname
historic Ford automobilecell phone provider
Kellogg cerealdiscount department store
2008 Pixar filmdigital communication
American youth organizationnuclear weapon
universal blood donorFox News pundit Bill
civil rights activistMicrosoft gaming console
button-shaped chocolates'Sixth Sense' writer
puppet musicalcotton swab generonym
scurvy-preventing nutrientprogramming language

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