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DefinitionWordPart Of Speech
Bright or glossy in appearance.Adjective
A shoe consisting of a sole of leather or other material fastened to the foot by thongs or straps.Noun
One side of a leaf of something printed or written, as a book, manuscript, or letter.Noun
To strike with the foot or feetVerb
A dark tertiary color with a yellowish or reddish hue.Adjective
The hindmost part of an animal, esp. that forming a distinct, flexible appendage to the trunk.Noun
A slender stick or rod, esp. one used by a magician, conjurer, or diviner.Noun
To weep with a convulsive catching of the breath.Verb
The fat layer between the skin and muscle of whales and other cetaceans, from which oil is made.Noun
A covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb.Noun

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