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Whose land did Dorothy open her door to when she first arrived in Oz?Wizard of Oz
Who first appears in the film arriving in a bubble?Wizard of Oz
In Emerald city, there is a fantastic horse of what?Wizard of Oz
What happens if the tin man cries?Wizard of Oz
What is the next line:- 'there's a land that i've heard of'?Wizard of Oz
What is the surname of the sisters (witches)?Hocus Pocus
What cannot the sisters step foot on?Hocus Pocus
What, according to his sister Dani, does Max call Allison's breasts?Hocus Pocus
In a bid to escape the witches house, Max sets off a sprinkler to summon the what, (what does he call it)?Hocus Pocus
Finish the first line of the incantation used to turn Sebastian into a cat::- twist the bones and......what?Hocus Pocus
The billionaire casino owner Donald Sinclair is played by which actor?Rat Race
What should vera, (Whoopi Goldberg), and her daughter bought?Rat Race
Which comedian has a cameo as an organ (heart) delivery driver?Rat Race
Enrico Pollini (Rowan Atkinson) suffers from what disorder?Rat Race
Whose car do Randy (Jon Lovitz) and Bevery (Kathy Najimy) have to steal when their own is sabotaged?Rat Race
At the start of the film, Dr Alan Grant spooks a young lad with talk about what kind of dinosaur? Jurassic Park
Nedry was to smuggle out dna samples hidden inside what product? Jurassic Park
Richard Attenborough played which character?Jurassic Park
The lawyer in the film should have stayed still instead of hiding from the T-rex where?Jurassic Park
Who directed Jurassic Park?Jurassic Park
Frodo, Sam, Bilbo, Merry and Pippin are what?Lord of the Rings trilogy
The one ring needs to be destroyed in the fires of where?Lord of the Rings trilogy
What is the name of the forest of the Ents (treefolk)?Lord of the Rings trilogy
Which actor played the part of Legolas?Lord of the Rings trilogy
How many characters made up the 'Fellowship of the Ring'?Lord of the Rings trilogy
Kevin was left at home after his family flew to which city?Home Alone
Name either of the burglars first names?Home Alone
Known as the 'sticky' bandits in the sequel, what are the burglars dubbed by in this film?Home Alone
What does Buzz have as a pet?Home Alone
Complete the line:- 'keep the change ya...'?Home Alone
When Dr Frankenstein is killed by Dracula, Frankenstein's monster carries his body to what type of building?Van Helsing
How does the giant, Mr Hyde, get killed?Van Helsing
Who is Velkan to Anna Valerious?Van Helsing
Name any one of Dracula's 3 brides?Van Helsing
Which actor plays Van Helsing?Van Helsing
Pirates of the Caribbean: 'what' is the name of the final film in the trilogy ?Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Who is the captain of the Black Pearl in the first film?Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
What is the surname of Elizabeth?Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
What belonging to Davy Jones is in the Dead Man's Chest?Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Tia Dalma is the human form of the bound sea goddess called?Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Larry (Ben Stiller) gets his keys stolen by what species of little monkey?Night at the Museum
Which english actor plays the museum director?Night at the Museum
The Easter Island head (statue) wants what from 'dumb-dumb'?Night at the Museum
What is instruction number one according to the manual left for Larry?Night at the Museum
Towards the end of the film, Cecil tries to escape with the tablet using what type of transport?Night at the Museum
Hamunaptra is the 'City of the...what? The Mummy
What is the name of the mummy?The Mummy
What animals does the mummy dislike?The Mummy
Beni saves himself from the mummy, and serves him, after speaking 'the language of the...what?The Mummy
What is Brendan Fraser's character surname?The Mummy

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