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QUIZ: Can you name the the answer to these events which have all occurred in a month of July?

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In 1997, the UK returns this island to China
In 1956, this iconic singer records 'Hound Dog'
In 2006, this object labelled as 2004 XP14 flies by Earth
In 1996, this free internet E-mail service begins
In 2012, this 72 storey building, the second tallest in Europe, opens in London
In 1947, this assault rifle goes into production in the Soviet Union
In 1947, an alleged, and disputed UFO incident occurs here in New Mexico
In 1997, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic are invited to join this security alliance
In 2011, this country gains independence and secedes from Sudan
In 1940, this major battle of WWII began
In 1921, this Asian nation gains independence from China
In 1957, US Sergeon General Leroy Burney links smoking to this disease
In 1985, this concert was held to raise funds for African famine relief
In 1948, Israel bombs this North African city
In 1965, 'Mariner IV' sends back the first pictures of this planet
In 1990, this former U.S.S.R. state declares independence before achieving it a year later
In 1994, this wrestler-turned-actor beats Ric Flair to win the WCW Wrestling Championship
In 1925, this book is published, written by Adolph Hitler
In 1952, the 15th Olympic Games opens in this Scandinavian capital
In 2012, a shooting spree occurs during a premiere of this movie in Aurora, Colorado
In 1960, Sirima Bandaranaike becomes the world's first female primeminister of this country, now called Sri Lanka
In 1918, Lightning kills over 500 of these animals in Utah's Wasatch National Park
In 2008, Cape Verde joined this organization to become its 153rd member
In 1943, the British Royal Air Force bombed this German city, killing over 20,000
In 1946, this women's swimwear item is first shown at a fashion show in Paris
In 1963, this Yugoslavian city, now the capital of Macedonia, was destroyed by an earthquake
In 1940, this cartoon character makes its debut in 'Wild Hare'
In 1951, Walt Disney releases this film adaption of a book by Lewis Carroll
In 1938, this comic strip first appears, about the antics of a mischievious boy
In 2006, the world's longest running music show airs for the last time on the UK's BBC2, after 42 years
In 1994, Sergei Bubka achieves his 35th world record in this athletic field event

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