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A package holiday to Spain, hotel collapses in the end.
Another one about a doc?
Toilet humour in a toilet factory
Set in a caravan park with a touch of archaelogy
Muddy fields and lots of tents
'Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me' said Caeser, It's 'her' asp he needs to watch out for.
Modern attempt at carry on revival from 1992 about an expedition to the indies
A sergeant trains his police recruits
Marshall P Knut mistaken for a sheriff in Stodge City has to battle Rumpo Kid and posse
Set aboard the SS Wanderer, there is no control of any kind?
All about Turpin. Lots of smutty innuendo in this one.
This was the first about a doc, but not the first set in a hospital.
French revolution. Citizen Camembert seeks to capture the cunning Black Fingernail
This one was a spoof of a well known series of erotic movies
About a Battle of Britain anti-aircaft battery
This film was not initially part of the carry on collection. It is set in the desert for the most part and focuses on the foreign legion. Don't get the hump.
Set in the seaside resort of Fircombe, its all about feminists, a beauty contest and a bumbling mayor
A slice of history and a slicing of heads, this king who is the central character had many wives
Set on board a ship. Pressgangs and pirates but the lead is nothing like Sparrow
Tells the stories of clients of the Wedded Bliss Marriage Bureau but there seems to be more hating happening
A crooked man tries to make a raid on the hospital, looking for contraceptive pills. Too late, the woman in charge here is not about stopping babies
Another set in a hospital, yes, but this one is more about the female staff
No single storyline but a collection surrounding odd job men who work for the Helping Hands employment agency.
Not possible, but the scariest carry on of them all, a spoof of the Hammer Horrors with a 'frying tonight' memory
A man tries to make soldiers out of his conscripts
Spoof of the Bond movies about a handful of secret service working to recover a secret formula
This should be easy to work out, if not, you need to go back to school
A trek to find the Oozalum bird finds Tarzan and the Great Tonka, a tribal chief
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond and a regiment guard a pass from the onslaught of the Khasi of Kalabar, they succeed only after being discovered to wear no pants.

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