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Can you pick the MCAT Hormone based on its gland?

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Anterior PituitaryGrowth of nearly all cells (polar)
Anterior PituitaryStimulates adrenal cortex to release glucocorticoids (polar)
Anterior PituitaryGrowth of follicles in females, Sperm production in males (polar)
Anterior PituitaryCauses ovulation, stimulates estrogen and testosterone secretion (polar)
Anterior PituitaryStimulates release of T3 and T4 in Thyroid (polar)
Anterior PituitaryPromotes milk production (polar)
Posterior PituitaryMilk ejection and uterine contraction (polar)
Posterior PituitaryWater reabsorption in the kidney; increases blood pressure (polar)
Adrenal CortexReduces Na excretion; increases K excretion; raises blood pressure (nonpolar)
Adrenal CortexIncreases blood levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (nonpolar)
Adrenal MedullaCatecholamines that stimulate sympathetic actions (polar)
ThyroidIncreases basal metabolic rate (nonpolar)
Thyroidlowers blood calcium (polar)
ParathyroidRaises blood calcium (polar)
PancreasDecreases blood glucose (polar)
PancreasIncreases blood glucose (polar)
OvariesGrowth of female sex organs; causes LH surge (nonpolar)
OvariesPrepares and maintains uterus for pregnancy (nonpolar)
Testessecondary sex characteristics; closing of epiphyseal plate (nonpolar)
Placentastimulates corpus luteum to grow and release estrogen and progesterone (polar)
Placentaenlargement of mother's sex organs; stimulates prolactin secretion (nonpolar)
PlacentaMaintains uterus for pregnancy

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