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PowerCharacterFirst Appearance
Feathered Wings Can Carry Up To Twice His Weight
Can Channel Cosmic Energy Navigates Through The Universe at Light Speed
Combat Veteran Expert Gunman
Projects 'Hellfire' And Has A Penance Stare
Abilities Of telekinesis and Telepathy
Manipulates Electricity
Absorbs And Re-channels Energy ,Can Fly
Changes Body Into A Sand-like Substance
Phase Through Solid Matter
Wields The Unbreakable Hammer Of Mjolnir
Master of Magic
Gamma Radiated Unlimited Strength
Programmed With The Brain Patterns Of Wonder-Man
Healing Factor Adamantium Skeleton
Master Of Martial Arts Superhuman Energy in His Hand
PowerCharacterFirst Appearance
Generates Globules (Fireworks)
Cat Burglar High Agility
Can Project Energy Forcefields And Invisibility
A Mutant Shape-Shifter
Vast Psionic Abilities (Mind-reading, Astral Projection)
Healing Factor And Teleportation Devices
Superhuman Speed
Enhanced Animalistic Strength And Healing factor
Manipulates Magnetism
Super Strength and Stamina (Amphibious)
Absorb And Projects Solar Energy
Armoured Suit Which Gives Abilities Like Flying And Increased Strength
Charges Objects With Energy That When Thrown Explode
Manipulate Cosmic Power And Consumes Entire Worlds
Living Computer With Mental And Psionic Powers

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