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Forced Order
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Yo! I just ate my lunch but I can't digest it
Jimin got no jams
Oh Man Holy ****
Excuse me
**** down
I rap like Jay-z
You like this chain? 3 dollar
International playboy
I hate snakeu
I'm sexy like a porn star
Jimin is stupid
I wish I could come here with my girlfriend but I don't have one
English is not a barrier when you're cute as me
Jhope & Rap monster the ugly team
Turn up let's go party
Wake me up when it's over
What the hell
I'm good. I'm done
Give me your time please
Quit playing all hard to get before I kick you
I heard that Jimin has no friends
Oh my god
I saw Jungkook with a vacuum sucking a the fruit flies
He's a horse
I've eaten 2130 more bowls of rice
All trouble start with me and ends with me
My specialty is rolling around in bed on our days off. I'm really good at it
My sexy voice and sick beats can make girls cry
I'm so hungry I could eat a horse and the horse is Jhope
See that door? It's wide open for you to leave

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