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Who made the name?
Eldest member
youngest member
Where is Louis from
Where is Zayn from
Where is Liam from
Where is Niall from
Where is Harry from
Louis' birthday
Zayns birthday
Liams birthday
Nialls birthday
Harrys birthday
Louis middle name
Zayn middle name
Liam middle name
Niall middle name
Harry middle name
Louis' sister
Louis' sister
Louis' twin sisters
Louis' twin brother and sister
Zayns older sister
Zayns sister
Zayns sister
Liams sister
Liams sister
Nialls brother
Harrys sister
Louis' girlfriend
Zayns fiance
Liams girlfriend
Louis audition song
Zayns audition song
Liams audition song
Nialls audition song
Harrys audition song
First song they sang together
First album
second album
Third album
New album

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