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Can you name the TV Shows and Movies with US Presidents (real and fictional)?

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Actor/YearMovie/TV ShowCharacter Name
Michael Douglas/1995Andrew Shepherd
Bruce Greenwood/2000John F. Kennedy
Morgan Freeman/1998Tom Beck
Harrison Ford/1997James Marshall
Kevin Kline/1993Bill Mitchell
Bill Pullman/1996Thomas Whitmore
Martin Sheen/1999-2007 (TV)Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet
Peter Sellers/1964Merkin Muffley
Robert Culp/1993The President
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister/1997President Lindberg
Jon Voight/2001Franklin D. Roosevelt
Frank Langella/2008Richard M. Nixon
Dennis Haysbert & Cherry Jones/2001-2010 (TV)David Palmer & Allison Taylor
Anthony Hopkins/1995Richard M. Nixon
Gene Hackman/1997Allen Richmond
Robin Williams/2006Theodore Roosevelt
Josh Brolin/2008George W. Bush
Jack Lemmon & James Garner/1996Russell Kramer & Matt Douglas
John Roarke/1991George H.W. Bush
Henry Fonda/1964The President
Actor/YearMovie/TV ShowCharacter Name
Geena Davis/2005 (TV)MacKenzie Allen
Danny Glover/2009Thomas Wilson
Mel Brooks/1987President Skroob (Not a US President)
Jack Nicholson/1996James Dale
Alan Alda/1995The President
Gary Sinise/1995 (TV)Harry S. Truman
Jeff Bridges/2000Jackson Evans
Ken Howard & William Daniels/1972Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
William Devane/1974 (TV)John F. Kennedy
Leslie Nielsen/2003Baxter Harris
Lloyd Bridges/1991Thomas 'Tug' Benson
Peter Coyote/2009 (TV)Dave Segovia
James Cromwell/2002Robert Fowler
Bruce Greenwood/2007The President
Anthony Hopkins/1997John Quincy Adams
Ronny Cox/1997Jack Neil
Gene HackmanMonroe Cole
Stephen Colbert (voice)/2008President Hathaway
Rip Torn & Gregory Peck/1982 (TV)(Gen.) Ulysses S. Grant & Abraham Lincoln
Blair Underwood/2010 (TV)Elias Martinez

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