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LetterBattleDate and War/Conflict/Location
AAugust 9, 378 (Gothic War) Turkey
BAugust 13, 1704 (War of Spanish Succession) Germany
CApril 6-May 29, 1453 (Byzantine-Ottoman Wars) Turkey
DMarch 13-May 7, 1954 (First Indochina War) Vietnam
EOctober 23, 1642 (First English Civil War) England
FFebruary 11-16, 1862 (American Civil War) USA
GOctober 1, 331 B.C.E. (Alexander's Persian Campaigns) Iraq
HJuly 4, 1187 (Crusades) Israel
IMarch 8-July 3, 1944 (WWII) India
JMay 31-June 1, 1916 (WWI) Near Denmark
KJune 27, 1864 (American Civil War) USA
LOctober 7, 1571 (Ottoman-Habsburg Wars)
MAugust 26, 1071(Byzantine-Seljuq Wars) Turkey
LetterBattleDate and War/Conflict/Location
NApril 9-June 8, 1940 (WWII) Norway
OOctober 12, 1428-May 8,1429 (100 Years War) France
POctober 10, 732 (Islamic Invasion of Gaul) France
QNovember 20, 1759 (Seven Years War) Near France
RJanuary 22-23, 1879 (Anglo-Zulu War) South Africa
SSeptember 20, 480 B.C.E. (Second Persian Invasion of Greece) Near Greece
TJuly 15, 1410 (Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War) Poland
UJuly 15-August 8, 1941 (WWII) Ukraine
VFebruary 21-December 18, 1916 (WWI) France
WSeptember 1-7, 1939 (WWII) Poland
XJuly 222-July 223 (Three Kingdoms) China
YOctober 19-November 22, 1914;April 22-May 15, 1915;July 31-November 6,1917;April 9-29,1918;September 28-October 2,1918(5 Battles in all, WWI) Belgium
ZOctober 19, 202 B.C.E. (Second Punic War) Tunisia

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