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Following the womens march on Versailles, the Royal family was forced to relocate here 
Who penned the 'Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen' 
Louis XVI's wife, Marie Antoinette was a native of this nation 
Due to the financial crisis in France at the end of the 18th Century, Louis XVI called this assembly to order for the first time in over 150 years 
The people's seizure of this military compound and prison in the middle of Paris, was the military tipping point of the revolution 
This man's lavish expenditures, including the construction of the Versailles Palace, launched France into a prolonged period of financial crisis 
Author of 'What is the Third Estate?' 
Louis' finance minister who advocated foreign borrowing and the sale of dubious titles over the continued taxing of the third estate. Sadly, his fiscal ineptitude led to his firing. Although he did avoid execution.  
The idelogical tipping point of the Revolution occurred at this small athletics compound on the outskirts of the Versailles Palace. An event that would later be imortalized in a painting by JL David. 
The Tricolor symbolized the colors of Paris, seprated by the white of this last royal family of France. 
These characters of religion comprised the First Estate 
If 1776 is recognized as the year of American Independence, this year would be the French equivalent 
Louis XV contributed to the national debt through his funding of this global conflict of the mid 18th century 
Citizens began to revolt when the price of this staple of the middle class french diet soared by over 500%  
By the latter decades of the 18th Century France was the second most populous nation. Although it had far less square milage than this Eurasian nation. 
'What is the Third Estate?' was the French equivalent of what Thomas Paine revolutionary piece 
This philosophe and author of the Enlightenment's railing against the Catholic Church led to a new religious system in France. 
Despite holding over 60% of the voting weight in the Ancien Regime, the clergy and nobility only accounted for this percentage of the French populace 

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