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Forced Order
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In Episode I, who speaks first?1
Who was the Supreme Chancellor before Palpatine?1
What species is Viceroy Nute Gunray?1
What species is Jar Jar Binks?1
Which Jedi Council Member is the same species as Master Yoda in Episode I?1
Which Jedi Council Member is seated to Yoda's left?1
Which Jedi Council Member is seated to Yoda's right?1
On which planet is Anakin Skywalker discovered?1
In whom did Yoda sense 'Qui Gon's defiance?'1
Who was Padme's decoy in Episode I?1
In Episode II, on which senator is there an unsuccessful assassination attempt?2
Which bounty hunter is chased by Obi Wan and Anakin in Coruscant?2
Who kills the bounty hunter from question 12?2
Who is called a 'political idealist, not a murderer' by Ki Adi Mundi?2
Who wields two lightsabers while dueling Count Dooku?2
What rank was Count Dooku when he left the Jedi Order?2
Which Jedi decapitates the bounty hunter from question 13?2
On what planet is the 'Grand Army of the Republic' created?2
Geonosis is the battleground for the first battle of what war?2
What species did Anakin slaughter after his mother's death?2
Who says the line 'Sith are our speciality' in the beginning of Episode III?3
Which Clone Commander hands Obi Wan his lightsaber after he drops it?3
Which Jedi Master claims to have 'good relations with the Wookiees?'3
How many Jedi Masters were killed by the lightsaber of Darth Sidious?3
Darth Plagueis the Wise was 'able to influence the midichlorians to...3
By which Executive Order are the Jedi exterminated?3
A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor anger, nor...3
On which planet is Anakin knighted as 'Darth Vader?'3
Which Jedi Master has 'learned the path to immortality?'3
Which of Anakin and Padme's children are left with Bail Organa?3
Which of Anakin and Padme's children are left with the Lars family?3
Dexter Jettster ran what sort of business?2

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