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Character NameMovieActor/Actress
Lando CalrissianBilly Dee Williams
Richard KimbleHarrison Ford
Peter VenkmanBill Murray
Vito CorleoneMarlon Brando
Tony MontanaAl Pacino
Harvey DentAaron Eckhart
Maximus Decimus MeridiusRussell Crow
Grima WormtongueBrad Dourif
Sgt. BarnesTom Berenger
Atticus FinchGregory Peck
Mickey GoodmillBurgess Meredith
Tyler DurdenBrad Pitt
Tommy DeVito Joe Pesci
Harry CallahanClint Eastwood
Morpheous Laurence Fishburne
XerxesRodrigo Santoro
Andy DufresneTim Robbins
Norman BatesAnthony Perkins
Danny NoonanMichael O'Keefe
BarfJohn Candy
Lt. Dan TaylorGary Sinise
Vincent VegaJohn Travolta
R.P. McMurphy Jack Nicholson
MozartTom Hulce
Roger 'Verbal' KintKevin Spacey
Character NameMovieActor/Actress
Mr. Kesuke MiyagiPat Morita
Terry BenedictAndy Garcia
Kyle ReeseMichael Biehn
Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos RamirezSean Connery
Fast Eddie FelsonPaul Newman
OfeliaIvana Baquero
SatineNicole Kidman
John BlutarskyJohn Belushi
Gny. Sgt. HartmanR. Lee Ermey
Ellen RipleySigorney Weaver
Michael 'Squints' PalledorousChauncey Leopardi
Hans GrueberAlan Rickman
Marge GundersonFrancis McDormand
Cameron FryeAlan Ruck
Marty McFlyMichael J. Fox
Capt. John H. MillerTom Hanks
SallahJohn Rhys-Davies
Armand GoldmanRobin Williams
BlondieClint Eastwood
Dr. Alan GrantSam Neill
George BaileyJames Stewart
StellaKim Hunter
Stands With A FistMary McDonnell
Capt. Jack AubreyRussell Crowe
Travis BickleRobert De Niro

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