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Can you name the countries by their connections to each other?

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Group 1
Most populous country entirely within europe 
WWII leader's country of birth 
Smallest neighbour 
Next highest GDP (PPP per capita) 
Next smallest OPEC member 
Next alphabetically 
Begins and ends with the same letters 
Group 2
First country alphabetically 
Smallest neighbour 
North american country with same first letter 
Previous answer's capital: Port of _____ 
Neighbour directly to the west 
South american country with same official language 
Next largest country 
Group 3
Capital city: Addis Ababa 
Bordering country with same first letter 
European country in the same time zone 
Another european country, starting with the same letter 
African country with an almost identical flag 
South american country with the same length name 
Begins with the same letter and uses the same main 2 colours in its flag 
Group 4
Smallest country 
Only bordering country 
The next largest european country 
Became independent of previous country in 1776 
A larger country in the same continent 
The smallest country with a higher HDI 
Starts with third letter, in north america 
Group 5
Borders Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea 
A nearby, portuguese-speaking island nation 
The biggest country starting with the same letter 
Fought against this country during the six-day war 
Only neighbour outside of Asia 
Previous alphabetically 
Fellow OPEC member in the same continent 
Group 6
Doesn't have a rectangular flag 
Shares its highest point with 
Claims ownership of 
5 letters, begins with same letter 
Same number of letters, 2 letters in the same place 
The only country in the same continent with a higher mountain 
Shortest named country beginning with same letter 
Group 7
Has the highest HDI in Africa 
Another African country with the same first three letters 
Bordering country to the east, also on the coast 
Bordering country to the east, also on the coast 
Next alphabetically 
Landlocked neighbour 
Next alphabetically 
Final Country
Anagram of last letters of final countries 

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