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Can you name the Technology from The Renaissance?

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The Match Inventor (Who)
Submarine Inventor (Who)
First drawing of the Helicopter Inventor (Who)
Flush Toilets Inventor (Who)
Telescope Inventor (Who)
Submarine Year (When)
Microscope Inventor (Who)
Compass Impact
Telescope Impact
Graded Glasses Impact
Wallpaper Inventor (Who)
The Match Year (When)
First drawing of the Helicopter Year (When)
Compass Year (When)
First drawing of the Helicopter Impact
Wallpaper Year (When)
Printing Press Year (When)
Microscope Impact
Artillery/Rocket Launchers Inventor Impact
Microscope Year (When)
Graded Glasses Year (When)
Printing Press Impact
The Match Impact
Flush Toilets Impact
Printing Press Inventor (Who)
Artillery/Rocket Launchers Year (When)
Telescope Year (When)
Compass Inventor (Who)
Flush Toilets Year (When)
Wallpaper Impact
Artillery/Rocket Launchers Inventor (Who)
Graded Glasses Inventor (Who)
Submarine Impact

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