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Can you name the The Office characters (U.S.) by random facts about them?

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Forced Order
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Founder of 'Diversity Tomorrow'
Is Italian, not Filipino as Dwight suggests
Head of the Committee to Determine the Validity of the Two Party Planning Committees
Volunteer Sheriff Deputy
Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager (Season 3)
Member of a band named Scrantonicity
Attended Cornell University
Nicknamed 'The Crossword Puzzle Guy' by Michael
Classmates with Michael Scott in high school
Would bring the Bible and The Purpose Driven Life to a deserted island
Plays 'Hateball' with Kevin
Has a drinking problem and a pornography addiction
She can't wait to get pregnant and have babies
Thought Jim and Pam were brother and sister
Restarts Michael's cafe disco with Kelly
Arrested for committing fraud
Michael refers to him as 'Mittah Rogers'
A registered pilot and the owner of two Harlequin Great Danes
Resigns from his position to move to Costa Rica
Dwight convinces her that Kevin is mentally challenged
Her safety word is 'foliage'
Ditches his own company party to play basketball with Jim
Was employed by Saticoy Steel and comes from an accounting background
Took his girlfriend to a hockey game on a first date and brought his brother along

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