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Forced Order
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Main CharacterOscar Winning MovieYear Won
Jack Powell1927-1928
Hank Mahoney1928-1929
Paul Baumer1929-1930
Yancey Cravat1930-1931
Jane Marryot1932-1933
Ellie Andrews1934
Fletcher Christian1935
Anna Held1936
Emile Zola1937
Alice Sycamore1938
Scarlett O'Hara1939
Maxim De Winter1940
Huw Morgan1941
Mrs. Kay Miniver1942
Rick Blaine1943
Father Chuck O'Malley1944
Don Birnam1945
Al Stephenson1946
Phillip Schuyler Green aka Greenburg1947
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark1948
Willie Stark1949
Eve Harrington1950
Jerry Mulligan1951
Brad Braden1952
Sgt. Milton Warden1953
Terry Malloy1954
Marty Piletti1955
Main CharacterOscar Winning MovieYear Won
Phileas Fogg1956
Colonel Nicholson1957
Judah Ben-Hur1959
C.C. 'Bud' Baxter1960
Tony; Maria1961
T.E. Lawrence1962
Tom Jones1963
Professor Henry Higgins1964
Maria Von Trapp1965
Sir Thomas More1966
Police Chief Bill Billespie1967
Enrico Salvatore 'Ratso' Rizzo1969
Gen. George S. Patton Jr.1970
Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle1971
Vito Corleone1972
Johnny Hooker1973
Michael Corleone1974
Randle Patrick McMurphy1975
Rocky Balboa1976
Annie Hall1977
Michael Vronsky1978
Ted Kramer1979
Beth Jarrett1980
Harold Abrahams1981
Mohandes Karamchand Gandhi1982
Aurora Greenway1983
Main CharacterOscar Winning MovieYear Won
Antonio Salieri1984
Karen Blixen1985
Chris Taylor1986
Raymond Babbitt1988
Daisy Werthan1989
Lieutenant John J Dunbar1990
Clarice Starling1991
William 'Bill' Munny1992
Oskar Schindler1993
Forrest Gump1994
William Wallace1995
Count Laszlo de Almsay1996
Rose Dewitt Bukater1997
Viola de Lesseps1998
Lester Burnham1999
Maximus Decimus Meridius2000
John Forbes Nash Jr.2001
Roxie Hart2002
Frodo Baggins2003
Maggie Fitzgerald2004
Daniel Ruiz2005
Staff Sergeant Colin Sullivan2006
Sheriff Ed Tom Bell2007
Jamal Malik2008
SFC. William Janes2009

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