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Can you name the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Characters?

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Never leaves home without his snub-nosed revolver and occasionally mistakes his life for John Rambo's
Two brothers who fake a raid on Paddy's Pub and have a strange obsession with milk
Looks like a bird
Calvin Coolidge was a friend of hers
Frank's former 'bang-maid' who was probably a prostitute once, a fact that greatly upsets Charlie
Former priest who has been teabagged by Mac and Dennis repeatedly
A promiscuous narcissist who loves eighties glam-rock
Died of a botched neck-lift
Charlie's 12 year old girlfriend who likes pizza, hates mean people and kissing, and thinks Dennis smells like dog fart
Tries to reconnect with his twins through Dee's Myspace page, but is too good natured for a successful relationship with them
Self-proclaimed hand-to-hand combat expert and the star and creator of 'Project Badass'
Sublets Charlie's childhood room and encourages Charlie to share it with him so they can spend time wrestling
When he makes reservations to take Mac and Charlie out of state to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Mac mistakenly has him sent back to prison
None of the gang knows her name and instead refer to her as the title of her occupation
An illiterate alcoholic who is the true creator of kitten mittens
Found in the dumpster, Dee and Mac attempt to pass him off as Mexican
A prostitute that almost marries Frank and includes 'Tiger Woods' among her clientele
Marries Dennis, but has a dead tooth that makes her breath 'smell like she nibbled on little pieces of ****'
Dee's online chat buddy 'Soldier of Fortune'
Likes having sex with bacon bits in her hair because it makes her feel like a cobb salad
Falls asleep at her son's 'funeral' with a portable TV on her lap
A hippie couple who insult Dennis, then accept upon finding out he had weed
Gets revenge on women he dated who dumped him in high school by promising to marry them
Gave Frank a handy under the table, but had to stop because she was 'just mashing it;' driven away by salt
Dee's high school crush who has gained a lot a weight since high school
The deaf, mute, and unibrowed sister in a family with a vendetta against the Paddy's Pub gang
Dee's friend from high school who, despite what Dennis says, did not order any skin-tight dresses from him
An early favorite of Frank's in the 'America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest'
A male-to-female transsexual who dates Mac
A potentially retarded rapper

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