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Forced Order
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Character NameEmmy-Winning Comedy TV Show
Dr. Robert Hartley
Captain 'Hawkeye' Pierce
Blanche Devereaux
Jack McFarland
Liz Lemon
Art Carney
Mary Richards
Jim Dial
Debra Barone
Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko
Archie Bunker
George Costanza
Michael Scott
Davy Jones
Clair Huxtable
Michael Bluth
Character NameEmmy-Winning Comedy TV Show
Agent 99
Niles Crane
Danny Williams
Sam Malone
Enrique 'Ricky' Ricardo
Kevin Arnold
Laura Petrie
Rachel Green
Richard Fish
Deputy Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz
Jack Benny
Alex Reiger
John Monroe
Cameron Tucker
Carrie Bradshaw

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