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An approximation of a number based on known information
The metric system is based on this number
The amount of mass in a given volume
The steepness of a graph line
A line graph in which the data points do not fall in a straight line
The basic unit of length in the metric system
Temperature scale that scientists most often use
Scientists consider this to be the coldest possible temperature
Should you read the volume of a liquid from the top or bottom of the meniscus?
Unit used to measure the volume of a liquid
The system of measurement scientists use
Line graph in which the data points fall in a straight line
The distance from one point to another
The number that appears most often in a set of data
Tool used to measure the volume of liquids
The number of centimeters in a meter
The middle number in a set of data
The number of meters in a kilometer
The number of millimeters in a meter
Freezing point of water on the Celsius scale
The basic unit of mass in the metric system
Tool used to find the mass of an object
Boiling point of water on the Celsius scale
The curve that forms at the top surface of water in a graduated cylinder
A measure of the force of gravity acting on an object
Temperature scale that has absolute zero
True or false: Mass and weight are the same thing.
The amount of space an object takes up
Adding up all of the numbers in a set of data and then dividing by the total amount of numbers
The point where the two axes cross on a line graph (0,0)
The amount of matter in an object
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