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type of rocket that discards its parts as they use up fuel
small robot that moves around on the surface
the condition of experiencing weightlessness in orbit
the velocity a rocket must achieve to establish an orbit around Earth
country that launched the first satellite (Sputnik I) into orbit
a spacecraft that carries scientific instruments that can collect data, but has no human crew
an item that has uses on Earth but was originally developed for use in space
the velocity a rocket must reach to fly beyond a planet's gravitational pull
the first American to orbit Earth
the first American in space
speed in a given direction
the rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States in the exploration of space
a spacecraft that can carry a crew into space, return to Earth, and then be reused for the same purpose
the reaction force that propels a rocket forward
an orbit in which a satellite orbits Earth at the same rate as Earth rotates and thus stays over the same place all the time
a large artifical satellite on which people can live and work for long periods
name of the American program to land astronauts on the moon
a device that expels gas in one direction to move in an opposite direction
an object that revolves around another object in space
the first human to fly into space
a place that is empty of all matter
besides Neil Armstrong, the other astronaut to first land on the moon

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