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What club is Daniel forced to join?
What does Neal find that makes him believe his father is having an affair with the woman he saw him with at the mall?
Where do the kids go to school?
What does Kim write on Sam's locker?
What makes Sam late to the fight with Alan?
Where does Lindsay go on the last episode instead of the academic summit?
What does Kim do to Lindsay in the first episode?
Why doesn't Sam want to go to the Homecoming dance?
What is the name and race of Daniel's Dungeons and Dragons character?
What is the name of the song Nick writes for Lindsay?
What is the name of the garment Sam buys to try to look cool?
What does Millie play on the piano at the keg party?
How does Alan almost kill Bill?
What is Bill afraid will happen when he's french kissing?
Who throws eggs at Sam?
What is Bill for Halloween?
What did the geeks do to Alan?
Who does Bill's mom start dating?
When Lindsay wants to go to a Who concert, her parents listen to one of their songs. What song was that?
Who killed Millie's dog?
What does Lindsay forget she has to do when she smokes pot?
How many pieces are in Nick's drum set?
What is the ending to the dirty joke Sam doesn't understand?
What instrument does Ken's girlfriend play?

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