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A ___ is an abbreviation formed from the first letters or syllables of a group of words'scuba' from 'self contained underwater breathing apparatus'
An ___ is a repetition of the same beginning consonant sound for two or more words in a rowtiny tim tripped two times today
An ___ is a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters from another word or phrase, or perhaps from nonsense lettersfrom 'the best things in life are free' you can get 'nail biting refreshes the feet'
___ are words that have opposite meaningsfast and slow / early and late
A ___ is an expression used so often that it has lost its interestdont beat around the bush / she works like a dog
An ___ is a word that comes from the name of a person or thing'sideburns' comes from US civil war general ambrose everett burnside, who set the style for wearing long side whiskers
A ___ is a pleasant word or phrase used to avoid a more direct word or phraseinstead of 'died': passed away / instead of 'used car': pre-owned vehicle
___ are words that sound alike but have different meanings and spellingsdear/deer / sight/site / fair/fare
A ___ is a word, phrase, or sentence that has the same letters in the same order whether spelled backward or forwardmadam im adam / reward drawer / racecar
A ___ is a name someone makes up and uses to hide his or her true identitysamuel clemens, the author of huckleberry finn, used the pseudonym mark twain
A ___ is the use of a word with two different meanings, in a way thats humorouspeople tell worse puns when they get older. thats why you call them 'groan-ups.'
A ___ is a comparison between two very different things using 'like' or 'as'my heart was beating like a drum
___ are words that have the same or almost the same meaningsquick and fast / tired and sleepy

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