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back in the day if you had a dream, a fifth of jack, and a decent amount of hair there was nowhere else to be!
i only opened for a little band called the alan parsons project. jealous?
i wont let the strip be destroyed by eurotrash strip malls and discount yogurt shops!
heir mayor ze fact is ze sex drugs unt rock n roll is destroying your beloved city. ve vant to bring your city into ze next century.
plus you owe me from that hotel thing with the cool whip and the baby llama.
hes gonna kick himself later for that friend crap!
theres another poop in the crapper!
ladies love him, guys want to be him, his band hates his guts, but hes a star, and stars are undeniable, like herpes.
im dangerous to even my own heart when i love this hard.
i once jumped off the golden gate to legalize pot. this is nothing.
quoteWho said?
power to the proletariat!
im not gay im just german!
come on baby, acting right?
Well thats the last box..... except for everything on this effing wall right here!
cherry slurpees! no way!
i say no way!
i want to open a confectionaries store!
ok ill wail
i dont wanna be a streetboyz
What are you doing with the fogmaster 5000?

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