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1752Benjamin Franklin
1780Benjamin Franklin
1807Robert Fulton
1837Samuel F B Morse
1842Crawford W Long
1845Richard M Hoe
1846Elias Howe
1851Linus Yale
1852Elisha G Otis
1863Alanson Crane
1867Christopher sholes, Carlos glidden, samuel W soule
1877Thomas A edison
1877Emile berliner
1879Thomas A edison
1886Josephine cochran
1888John loud
1888George eastman
1891Jesse W reno
1891John holland
1893Thomas A edison
1894Charles f jenkins
1901Langmuir fisher
1903Orville and Wilbur Wright
1903Mary Anderson
1907J murray spangler
1911Willis h carrier
1913Reginald A fassenden
1924Clarence birdseye
1926Robert h goddard
1930Ernest o lawrence
1937Chester Carlson
1939Igor sikorsky
1942John v Atanasoff, clifford berry
1947William shockley, Walter h brattain, john bardeen
1947Earl silas tupper
1952John hetrick
1954R f brown, e l hazen
1955Jonas e salk
1958A l schawlow, c h townes
1963Ermal c fraze
1968Douglas engelbart
1969Don wetzel
1969Randolph smith, kenneth house
1973Clayton jacobsen ii
1978Robert k jarvik
1980Scott olsen
19803m company
1987Connaught lab
1994Apple computer, kodak
2002Irobot corp

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