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the smallest unit of data
short for web log. its a personal journal or diary that people put on a website for others to read
to start up a computer
A program to help get around the internet
An error in the program or in the computer
An amount of data equal to 8 bits
A small piece of silicon holding the circuits used to store and process info
some websites store info like your passwords and other preferences on your computers hard drive. when you go back to this site later your browser sends this info to the website
A large collection of info organized so that it can be retrieved and used in different ways
the use of computers to design and produce magazines, newspapers, and books.
to transfer info from a host computer to a personal computer through a network connection or modem
the process of changing info into a code especially passwords or financial or personal info to keep others from reading it
'frequently asked questions' is a document often found on a web site containing answers to common questions users ask
An amount of info equal to 1024 megabytes or in some situations 1000 megabytes
'hypertext transfer protocol' is the method of file exchange used on the world wide web
the abbreviation for hypertext markup language, a computer language used to make web pages
A worldwide system of linked computer networks
An amount of info equal to 1048516 bytes or sometimes one million bytes
A group of computers linked together so they can share info
A handheld computer that can store addresses, phone numbers, and other info thats useful to have handy
the smallest unit of an image on a computer monitor it can be used to measure the size of an image
memory your computer uses to open programs and store your work until you save it to a hard drive or disk. info on this disappears when the computer is turned off
memory that contains permanent instructions for the computer and cannot be changed the info on this stays after the computer is turned off
electronic junk mail
A series of messages and replies that relate to a specific topic
the technical name for a website address
A program that damages other programs and data. it gets into the computer through the internet or shared disks
technology that allows people to link to other computers and the internet from their computers without wires

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