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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions based on Terry Pratchett's Witches novels?

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Who is the (completely unofficial because witches have no leaders) head of the witches?
Which witch (do you see what I did there?) is considered the best midwife in the Discworld, and is not unknown to sing of hedgehogs?
Which witch goes on to marry the fool Verence II and becomes queen of Lancre?
Which Witch has a phenomenal singing voice, and a (quite mean) skinny inner self?
Kingdom where the witches live?
What famous play is parodied in the first official witches novel, Wyrd Sisters?
Who was (answer to #1's) beau in her youth?
What is the name of (answer to #1)'s cat?
What is the name of the kingdom where the witches travel in Witches Abroad?
What is the name of the witch’s novel where they must confront an invasion of fairies (elves)?
What is the name of the most fearsome and dangerous cat in Lancre (and possibly the Discworld)?
What is the name of the city where the witches travel in Maskerade?
What is the name of the Omnian Priest introduced in Carpe Jugulum?
What is the name of the Young Adult series Terry Pratchett wrote as a continuation of the Witches books?

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