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How well do you know Krystal Jung??

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HintAnswerFun fact
Who was her partner in 'The Heirs'?
How many languages can she speak?
What was the name of her character in 'She was so lovable'?
Which SHINee member is her closest friend?
Who is she dating?
Entertainment agency?
What cosmetic brand is she the face of?
On what 2PM's song was she supposed to be featured?
Who played her brother in 'High Kick 3'?
Her Korean name?
Where is her favorite place to travel to?
Her group's fandom name?
For what magazine did Kai, Taemin and Krystal shoot a pictorial for, back in 2015?
What shoe brand is she the Korean face of?
What is her hobby?
What is the thing she likes to eat the most?
Who was her partner in 'She was so lovable'?
Who is her favorite actress?
HintAnswerFun fact
Where was she born?
What is her dream country to live in?
Who was she paired with in the special couple race episode of Running Man she appeared in?
Which SHINee member's radio show did she appear on?
Which actress is she close with?
When was she born?
Who is her favorite actor?
Her group?
What was the name of her character in 'The Heirs'?
What type of music does she like best?
Her sister's name?
What are her favorite colors?
What is the title of the song she interpreted for the drama 'She was so lovable'?
What was the title of the SHINee music video she appeared in?
How many years do her sister and her have apart?
What is she allergic to?
When did she debut?

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