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How well do you know PENTAGON?

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Forced Order
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HintAnswerExtra Information
Main dancer, Part of the maknae line, Vocal.
Vocal, Born in 94, Former YG trainee.
Who lives with the leader? In order of age.
Group greeting?
Japanese member, Rapper, Likes to wear all black.
Who are the members who were eliminated by the end of Pentagon Maker?
Official visual, Zoo-phobia, Knows how to play the piano.
Who did they collaborate with, for the brand 'Elite'?
Alternative name for Pentagon?
Actor of the group, Vocal, Visual.
HintAnswerExtra Information
Chinese member, Vocal, Born in 96.
Whose team sang 'Young' on Pentagon Maker?
Who lives with the oldest Hyung? In order of age.
Born in 92, Former SM trainee, Oldest Hyung.
Rapper, Unique voice, Talented composer.
Main vocal, Leader, All around performer.
Who sang 'Sorry' in the first episode of Pentagon Maker? In order of age.
Debut date?
Title of the album?
Tallest member,Youngest in age, Main rapper.

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